Guide to Sourcing VELCRO® Brand Fasteners for Medical Devices

Filtering through the thousands of fastener materials combinations that could be used in your medical device is time consuming. Basic information on the performance attributes is readily available, but you often need comparison information in order to choose between options.Cover 2 Gleicher Mfg Guide to Sourcing VELCRO Brand Fasteners for Medical DevicesV4 resized 600

Where an MSDS falls short, consulting from a neutral 3rd party converter-supplier would be helpful.

We've developed the "Guide to Sourcing VELCRO® Brand Fasteners for Medical Devices" to help Product Engineers or Buyers source the right material from the right supplier.

Read it over and get your notes ready.





Gleicher is proud to be a Authorized "Platinum" Distributor of VELCRO® Brand Products.

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