3M™ Bumpon™ Protective Products

3MGleicher_cuts_3M_Bumpon_rollstock.pngGleicher Manufacturing has been converting and die-cutting polyurethane bumper materials since their inception. In that time, we have continued to refine and engineer new and cost-effective methods of converting these products to our customers demanding requirements.

As experts in the field, we can guide you through product design, material selection and production methods and provide you with precisely what you need for your product application.

Gleicher Manufacturing Corporation provides standard and custom cut 3M™ Bumpon™ Protective Products that effectively cushion and protect against dings and scratches and dampen noise indefinitely.

  • These pressure sensitive resilient elastomeric materials have a high coefficient of friction and resists skidding on most surfaces.
  • Materials can be supplied in either pads, feet, buttons, strips, bumper, sheets, and spacers.
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List and Technical Data - Molded

Technical Data - Rollstock

3M™ Bumpon™ Rollstock Part Number Thickness (mm)

Matte Polyurethane,         Hardness, Shore M

SJ5216 with synthetic rubber adhesive 1/16"  (1.6) 36 (soft foam)
SJ5208 with synthetic rubber adhesive 1/8"  (3.2) 29 (soft foam)
SJ5832 with natural rubber adhesive 1/32"  (0.8) 72
SJ5801 with natural rubber adhesive 3/64"  (1.0) 72
SJ5816 with natural rubber adhesive 1/16"  (1.6) 72
SJ5808 with natural rubber adhesive 1/8"  (3.2) 72
SJ5916 with acrylic adhesive 1/16"  (1.6) 40 (medium foam)
SJ5908 with acrylic adhesive 1/8"  (3.2) 36 (medium foam)
SJ5904 with acrylic adhesive 1/4"  (0.4) 36 (medium foam)
SJ6032 with acrylic adhesive 1/32"  (0.8) 72
SJ6016 with acrylic adhesive 1/16"  (1.6) 72
SJ6008 with acrylic adhesive 1/8"  (3.2) 72
SJ6005 with acrylic adhesive 1/5"  (5.0) 72
SJ6232 with synthetic rubber adhesive 1/32"  (0.8) 72
SJ6216 with synthetic rubber adhesive 1/16"  (1.6) 72
SJ6208 with synthetic rubber adhesive 1/8"  (3.2) 72

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