Specialty Adhesive Products

3MBuilding on more than 50 years experience in adhesive technologies, 3M combines pressure sensitive adhesive with a variety of substrates to create specialty products that protect, mask, and enhance. These applied-adhesive technologies range from floor mats that trap dirt to resilient bumpers and feet that resist skidding and quiet sound.


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Polyonics is a renowned manufacturer of high performance, custom film, tape and label materials used by specialty die-cut converters worldwide. Founded in 1995, and ISO 9001:2008 registered, Polyonics strategically designs single and double coated polyimide, polyester and aluminum films for the extreme temperatures and harsh environments found in the electronics, automobile, aerospace and medical components.  We sell 9" wide rolls and we can slit and laser cut or die cut to your size.

  • Anti-static ESD Tapes include single and double coated polyimide and polyester (PET) offering static dissipation and low turbocharging performance. 
  • Flame Retardant Tapes include single and double coated polyimide constructions designed to help prevent the propagation of fire in applications with high temperatures and harsh environments.  
  • High Temperature Tapes includes both single and double coated polyimide ("Kapton") constructions designed for high temperatures and harsh environments. They are available with acrylic or ultra-high temperature silicone pressure sensitive adhesives (PSA).