US Gov't NSN Locator

Cross-reference US National Stock Numbers with 3M Product Numbers

We feature only a few of our products and capabilities here on our website. As you can imagine, that's only the beginning of Gleicher's potential. 

3M NSN Locator

You can use this locator to find the 3M product that matches US Military and Department of Defense specs and is right for your project. 

Enter the information you have in one of the three boxes below. The system will search 3M's database and display the search results below. (The system may display duplicate results - they represent the same item.)

  • Enter information in only one box
  • Please contact us if the system is not successful in finding a match

Off the Shelf or Highly Customizable

At Gleicher, we don't start with 3M products — we start with you. We take time to understand your challenges and requirements. Our expertise is in matching, modifying and customizing products to meet your needs.

Together we can solve your toughest challenges by applying the wealth of potential solutions available through 3M's technology portfolio. Our nimble team draws upon 45 core technology platforms developed by 3M scientists and engineers. We often use conventional items for extraordinary applications and combine technologies or products to produce uncommon solutions.

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