3M™ Adhesives

3M Structural and Non-Structural Adhesives for Bonding and Sealing Applications

Combining Gleicher's processing capabilities with our extensive inventory of standard bonding and sealing materials, we make available the right solutions to ensure the greatest probability of success.

We help in the selection of adhesive products, and offer On-Site Support so that all manufacturers recommendations are considered, working together with your production teams to ensure proper application methods are followed.

Our approach is to work within our customers existing operation to not only identify the best possible 3M adhesive products for a particular job, but also, the most functionally adaptable to the environment that exist.

Structural Adhesives

Reaching a minimum of 1,000-psi overlap shear strength, 3M™ Structural Adhesives are designed to bond the load-bearing parts of products. Powerful enough to replace mechanical fasteners and welds, these extremely high strength materials can bond metals, wood, rubber, ceramic, composites, engineering grade plastics, glass and much more. Applications are as vast as the industrial landscape itself, from appliance bushings and headlight assemblies to lawn sprinklers, office products, pump components, sporting equipment, electronics and furniture.

Non-Structural Adhesives

Typically less than 1,000-psi, 3M™ Non-structural Adhesives are generally used to bond materials in cushions, gaskets, insulation, veneers, decorative trims, packaging, paneling, counter-tops, furniture, woodworking and general assembly. You can choose from a range of bond strengths to meet your specific requirements.