3M Converter Solutions Guide

d3M_Converter_Markets_GuideSo exactly which 3M product combination should you use?


The lowly adhesive can actually be one of the ways a manufacturer can reduce cost. By carefully matching adhesive properties with the variety of application configurations and exposures, we can ultimately speed assembly and reduce waste.

This guide will give you the important insights directly from 3M Engineers to guide your selection of based on specific product criteria. Thickness, temperature, substrates are all considered in the mix.

We recommend you walk through each section of the document. It will help you to address all the attributes you'll want to consider for final selection of your attachment solution.

We’ll help you use this guide to find out.

Don't get stuck with the wrong solution. We’re here to help from multiple angles - not just adhesive delivery. At Gleicher, we've found that by thinking through the final assembly process well in advance, we can produce an ideal fastener solution with:

  • chemistry matched to the exposures + substrates
  • geometry specific to the application
  • configured for the assembly process

Together, Gleicher can help you design, source and convert the best combination of 3M™ products using this guide.

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