One good adhesive bonding question can change everything

When a product fails, it’s often because someone didn’t ask the right questions up front. Unlike other convertors, Gleicher adhesive bonding specialists help by asking you  the right questions: the R&D questions that make products work better, look better, and assemble better—on the first try.

We’re good at it because our product specialists are former 3M and Velcro USA Inc. employees who understand scientific protocol. They know what you’re trying to do. And of course they know their product lines inside out. Think of them as an on-demand extension of your product development department.


Want a great bond? Know your substrate. But the number of substrates available is staggering (1,700 plastics alone).  Are you bonding dissimilar materials? Have you considered thermal expansion? We can help.



Joint design is key. What material, in what size and shape, gives you a strong, stable joint? And what else do you want the joint to do? Adhesives and tapes can also dampen vibration and absorb heat.



One bad attachment point can shut down an entire assembly line. When you ask all the right questions, you get delivery mechanisms that won’t fail on the factory floor. You might even eliminate whole steps.


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