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Designing great converting solutions starts with important questions.

Great solutions start with questions. Lots of them. And the answers they reveal lead to products designed and converted through our unique combination of proven processes, leading-edge advancements, and innovative thinking that goes far beyond basic problem solving.

Gleicher Adhesive Bonding Specialists start by asking you the right questions: the R&D questions that make products work better, look better, and assemble better—on the first try and every time after that.

Think of our team as a dedicated, highly inquisitive extension of your product development department. They’re looking out for you and your success.



For a great bond you need the right substrate. But choosing the ideal one can be overwhelming. The number of substrates for plastics alone is more than 1,700! Chemistry is critical. Are you bonding dissimilar materials? Have you considered thermal expansion? We’re here to help with the answers.



Joint design is key. So are the answers that determine the ideal one for your product. Questions like, “What size and shape will provide the strongest, most stable joint”? “What adhesives and tapes can dampen vibration and absorb heat”? What material options are there”? And many more questions. We have answers.



One bad attachment point can shut down an entire assembly line. When you ask all the right questions, you get delivery mechanisms that won’t fail on the factory floor. You might even eliminate whole steps.


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