Gasket, Seal, Cushion: Poron Urethane Foams

PORON® Urethane Foams

We offer the full line of Rogers Corp PORON® Urethane Foams By-The-Roll or as Cut Parts.

Used in portable electronics and industrial products as well as orthopedic and prosthetic applications, Engineers have come to rely on Rogers Corp standards for quality and delivery.

In addition to being a trusted Poron Foam Supplier, Gleicher is proud to be a Rogers Corp Preferred Converter and your source for product information and guidance in product design.

Ask us about adding Adhesive, Release Liners or Cut Parts

We can create just about any gasket or fastener solution. Add adhesive, have us cut to your dimensions, or purchase by the roll. Consider release liners for a faster assembly line.

PET Support – available

PORON Options

  • Thin PORON Foam - PORON urethane foam is available in very thin grades often used for dust and splash seals for electronic devices.

  • Thick PORON Foam - The standard, maximum thickness for PORON is 0.5" (12.7mm). Gleicher regularly laminates layers of PORON for designs that require thicker materials.

  • PORON Laminations - Gleicher can laminate PORON to a custom thickness but can also laminated different grades of PORON to achieve a unique compression / deflection rate.

  • Adhesive Backed PORON - Gleicher inventories and laminates a wide range of adhesive, peel and stick backings that can be added to PORON.



Density  Range


Thickness  Range


4790-92-  Extra Soft-Slow Rebound, Dura-Shape 9-30 0.012"-0.5"
4790-79-  Shock Seal 9-20 0.021"-0.093"
4701-30-  Very Soft, Dura-Shape 15-25 0.021"-0.5"
4701-40-  Soft, Dura-Shape 15-30 0.031"-0.5"
4701-50-  Firm, Dura-Shape 15-30 0.012"-0.5"
4701-60-  Very Firm
15-25 0.031"-0.25"
4701-SGRL: SlimGrip
6.5 0.020"
4701-15- Improved Soft Seal
6.5 0.021"-0.039"
4790-92TS1- ThinStick 6.5-12 0.020"-0.03"
4701-37- AquaPro Very Soft Enhanced Sealability 14 0.059"-0.374"
4701-41- AquaPro Soft Enhanced Sealability, Duar-Shape
12-30 0.031"-0.5"
4701-V0-M:  UL94 V-0 Medium 25 0.197"-0.236"
ShockPad   0.004"-0.012"
Condux Plus: Electrically Conductive Foam
15-18 0.013"-0.021"

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Products  &  Materials

PORON® Microcellular Urethanes for Gasketing and Sealing

  • PORON® AquaPro™
  • PORON® Dura-Shape™
  • PORON® ShockPad
  • PORON® ShockSeal™
  • PORON® SlimGrip™
  • PORON® Soft Seal
  • PORON® ThinStik™
  • PORON® V-0

PORON Medical® Urethanes

  • Firm - Energy Absorbing
  • Slow Recovery - Custom Contouring
  • Soft Cushioning and Supporting
  • DermaBak® Advanced Dermal Materials