Collaborate with our engineers on Military-spec applications for VELCRO® Brand fasteners

VELCRO® Brand hook and loop fasteners are manufactured and certified to exact military specifications. Velcro USA Inc.'s extensive line of products offers secure strength to withstand the most rigorous challenges.  Velcro USA Inc. is proud to be a recognized supplier of hook and loop fastener tapes for the U.S. Military for over 3 decades.  VELCRO® Brand hook and loop tapes are manufactured and certified to the military specification AA55126 (Rev. B). 


describe the imageGleicher Manufacturing's roots are deep in the military. Emerging back in the 40's as a supplier to the U.S. Navy, Gleicher has established itself as a dependable knowledgeable provider of unique product solutions.

Since that time, we have continued to broaden our reach in support of our country by offering unique custom solutions for some of the most challenging soft-goods and hard-goods applications.

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