Reclosable Fasteners

Reclosable Attachment Systems and Fasteners

VELCRO® Brand Hook and Loop Fasteners

velcro thumbThe VELCRO® Brand woven hook and loop fastener is where it all began. Our nylon HOOK 88® and LOOP 1000® is used just about everywhere! Our family of woven fasteners includes the traditional nylon hook and loop, in addition to a number of other nylon and polyester fasteners. Each hook and loop style offers its own unique set of performance and aesthetic characteristics.

"Mushroom" Snap Technology

Industrial fasteners provide an appealing high tensile strength to replace mechanical fasteners in many applications. These fasteners are versatile and can be fabricated to meet many design specifications. When Reclosable Fasteners are pressed together, hundreds of mushroom-shaped stems interlock with one another forming a "positive" engaged fastener. A mechanical "click" ensures engagement.

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VELCRO® Brand Features

  • Widths up to six inches on most products
  • Medium to high strength (peel, shear, tension)
  • Medium to high cycle life
  • Standard products woven from nylon or polyester
  • Specialty materials available
  • Aramid yarns
  • Stainless steel yarns
  • Water, UV, and chemical resistant yarns

3M Brand Features

  • Strong, yet removable, fastening
  • Lighter weight than mechanical fasteners
  • Offers design flexibility
  • Easy to apply
  • Repositionable
  • Simplifies assembly
  • No surface holes