We're Proud to be a Rogers Corporation Preferred Converter specializing in PORON® Urethane Foams and BISCO® Silicone

Staying nimble is critical in manufacturing. So when you turn to a Converter for help in developing new products, you need one that’s plugged in to the material suppliers.  Gleicher is proud to further tighten the relationship with Rogers Corporation by earning the status of Preferred Converter.

As a Preferred Converter, Gleicher has even stronger relationships within the urethane foam and gasket industry. This helps us innovate and keeps us on the cutting edge of what is new and relevant in research and development. That’s one of the reasons why you should prefer Gleicher Manufacturing.


As a Rogers Corporation Preferred Converter, Gleicher offers:

  • Gleicher Custom Materials - if an application needs a new material solution, a unique color, a special adhesive, or a hybrid technology, Gleicher engineering staff will team with experts from Rogers Corporation to help design, test, and manufacture the material that matches virtually any technical requirements.
  • Custom Fabrication and Conversion - Gleicher converting services can reduce manufacturing time and costs while improving quality and your bottom line. With fabrication facilities in Scotch Plains NJ, Gleicher is a reliable source of high-quality components, kits, and sub-assemblies ready to be integrated into the most demanding product applications.
  • Custom Delivery –Gleicher has access to bulk material shipping and delivery options. Converted materials are available as individual components, sub-assemblies or kits shipped to meet customer needs.
  • Best Pricing - We buy in big volumes, so we can offer low prices.
  • Access to Global Support - We can offer access to the best technical, marketing and sales support across the world.

Extend your team with our PORON® specialists - Gleicher can be your liaison to technical and marketing product teams. If we can’t provide answers to your questions, we’ll find out or make sure you get connected to someone in the Rogers Corporation. You'll get what you need.

Engineered Gaskets, Seals, and Cushioning using PORON Urethane Foams:

- Portable Electronics:

High performance urethanes to seal out water and dust, absorb impact, and provide long-term gap filling in handheld device applications.

- Industrial:

Designers select PORON Urethanes to improve efficiency and performance, protect equipment, and increase reliability under tough industrial conditions. 4701-, 4790-  stocked

- Medical Cushioning:

Trusted for use in orthopedic and prosthetic cushioning applications for more than 40 years and accepted by APMA, it’s the material of choice for specialty pediatric needs and Medical Cushioning

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