Solutions with VELCRO® Brand Straps

Gleicher Manufacturing uses VELCRO® Brand products to replace screw and bolt fasteners in electronic devices. VELCRO® Brand products can be customized to fit specific size requirements, and are available in flame retardant materials.

Featured VELCRO® Strap Products:

ONE-WRAP® products from VELCRO® Brand are back-to-back strapping systems perfect for organizing cords and wires.

ONE-WRAP'S® line of adjustable self-gripping fasteners are made of polyethylene hooks laminated to nylon loops.

VELCRO® Brand QWIK TIES® are customizable self-gripping fasteners that come in a variety of colors. Gleicher Manufacturing supplies QWIK TIES® from Velcro USA Inc. in lineal tape or custom size straps.

QWIK TIES® are ideal for bundling and organizing wires and cords in electronic equipment and appliances.



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