Designing fasteners and attachments for Sports Equipment isn't Child's Play


If you design sports and recreation products you know that while they’re made for fun, there is nothing lighthearted about their construction.

They’ve got to stand up to hard-hitting fun.

You need construction solutions that are durable, and perform, like breathable fabrics and attachment solutions that wick away moisture and odor-causing bacteria.

Gleicher Manufacturing has been a leading supplier to the sports and recreation industry for decades. Combining our converting expertise and experience with innovative fastening systems from 3M and VELCRO ® Brand, we have provided solutions for some of the world's most notable brands.

Replace your old bonding methods with new light-weight fasteners, pre-coated with adhesive. These fasteners are not only durable, but allow you to dispense with the damaging and labor-intensive assembly methods of the past. Assembly is easier and cheaper with these new state-of-the-art options.

3M and VELCRO ® Brand fasteners offer malleable, light-weight solutions to give you additional design flexibility so you can push your product designs to the cutting edge, without falling short when it comes to bond strength. New adhesives feature embedded technology can stand up to environmental stress including water,vibration, or heat. 

Start a conversation with Gleicher experts during R&D so you can get production-ready samples to use in prototype testing. Reaching out early in the process ensures that your production process will be as efficient and seamless as possible, which means minimal waste and maximum cost savings.

Gleicher is more than a converter. Let us be your partner in innovation. Find out more about our specialized solutions for Sports & Recreation. 

Fasteners and Fabric

  • Easier Assembly with pre-coated Adhesives
    Fasteners with factory pre-coated adhesives can make your assembly process easier. They can replace the problematic adhesives currently in your factory: messy liquids and dangerous hot-melt adhesives can cause burns and damage delicate materials.
  • High-tech Fabrics
    We manufacture with the latest innovative fabrics that are moisture wicking, breathable and durable. Fabrics like this can keep skin dry and offer additional protection with a new bacteria- and odor-blocking technology.

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