Structural Adhesives

Structural Adhesives for Industrial Strength Attachment

3M Structural Adhesives


Acrylic Adhesives

Reaching a minimum of 1,000-psi overlap shear strength, 3M™ Structural Adhesives are designed to bond the load-bearing parts of products. Powerful enough to replace mechanical fasteners and welds, these extremely high strength materials can bond metals, wood, rubber, ceramic, composites, engineering grade plastics, glass and much more. Applications are as vast as the industrial landscape itself, from appliance bushings and headlight assemblies to lawn sprinklers, office products, pump components, sporting equipment, electronics and furniture. 3M formulations include:

  • Instant (Cyanoacrylate) adhesives: These high strength liquid formulations are commonly known as instant adhesives. On rigid plastic, glass, metal, rubber and other low porosity substrates, they harden in seconds by reacting with surface moisture.
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  • Polyurethane Reactive (PUR) Adhesives: These systems combine many production benefits typical of hot melt adhesives and bond performance usually associated with two-part structural adhesives. One-component, moisture curing formulation eliminates metering, mixing and curing equipment. And 100% solids give you a low-VOC adhesive system with no drying equipment and no attack on plastics.
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  • One part epoxy adhesives: One-part, 100% solids thermosetting structural liquid adhesives. Bonds variety of metals, high temperature plastics such as fiberglass reinforced plastics, polyester and phenolics.
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  • Two-Part epoxy adhesives: Two-part liquids and pastes. These provide the highest strength and elevated temperature resistance.
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  • Two-Part Urethane adhesives: Generally lower-cost, two-part liquids and pastes, urethane adhesives cure quickly to an elastic bond. They’re ideal for applications requiring flexibility between dissimilar materials and where impact resistance is key.
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  • Acrylic adhesives: These two–part liquids and pastes are designed to bond the widest variety of substrates, including hard-to-bond plastics and oily metals. You get an exceptionally high strength bond without the surface preparation usually required for epoxies and urethanes.
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  • Structural Adhesive Primers: Primers offer improved adhesion and resistance to environmental exposure.
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  • Dispensers, applicators and accessories for structural adhesives: These applicators and accessories provide a fast, practical way to meter, mix and apply adhesives.
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