Ordering Die-cut Fasteners in Large Volumes? Avoid Large Mistakes.

Posted on Thu, Jul 03, 2014

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Medical devices and electronic products are often produced in high volume, which makes maximizing component yield a top priority. Whether you’re designing medical test strips or disposable electrodes, you’ve probably got a price point goal for each component, and you need 100% usability to get the cost numbers to work out.


Cost-effective Bond Line Attachment Options is where Gleicher Manufacturing comes in.

A 3M Preferred Converter, Gleicher has over 50 years of experience in the medical device industry, helping engineers minimize tape and fastener waste, hitting their ideal price point with a myriad of ways to fasten similar and dissimilar materials.   Gleicher Manufacturing Corp. comes in

Waste on the assembly floor has an obvious impact on profit margins.

Less obvious is the wrong base material or adhesive causing bond-line failure.

When attaching dissimilar materials the options for adhesives, tapes or other fasteners can be overwhelming. And mistakes are costly because when you’re producing in mass quantities, even the smallest inefficiency can add up quickly.

Suggestion:  Have a thorough up front conversation with Gleicher Manufacturing to outline your device needs. We get very specific because each detail can help us avoid costly mistakes. Topics in that conversation will range from

    • environmental exposures
    • the specific geometry 
    • the need for "smart" liners - lay-flat liners or other adhesive carriers that aid alignment to ensure quality or speed assembly


Giving the converter your price point goal up front can help keep you on track

To meet your target and meet financial goals we'll work as a team. In addition to performance requirements, Gleicher’s experts help you evaluate all the options and price points that make up the right solution. For example, you might need an adhesive that bonds securely, yet is lightweight. That might point us to a 3M product-family not previously considered.

And let's not forget the regulatory environment.  Navigating the regulatory and patient safety requirements of the medical industry requires a converter with medical experience and know how.

Gleicher can tie it all together - performance, cost and compliance - and be your partner in innovation. Talk with Us.

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