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Gleicher Manufacturing Corporation Customizes 3M Dual Lock Fasteners

Posted on Tue, Jul 05, 2011

  3m Dual Lock

33MTM Dual LockTM Reclosable Fasteners are positive locking, hidden fasteners designed for use in a variety of attachment solutions.


With Gleicher Manufacturing Corporation these hidden fasteners can be customized for your specific attachment solution to be used in a wide range of industries from electrical to electronics and medical as well as for military applications.


Dual Lock fasteners consist of continuous strips of polyolefin stems with a mushroom shaped top protruding up from the backing. When snapped together the mushroom shaped caps interlock producing a strong reliable fastener.


There are three different stem densities of these fasteners (170, 250 and 400) that refer to the approximate number of stems per square inch. By inter-locking different stem density combinations you can create the strength that suits your application--more total stems produces higher strength. Gleicher Manufacturing Corporation will take the stem density fastener or fasteners of your choice and create the exact dimensions needed for the specific project you need the fastener for.


The Dual Lock reclosable fasteners can be mated in the following combinations of increasing closure strength: Type 170 to Type 250, Type 170 to Type 400, Type 250 to Type 250 and Type 250 to Type 400. We do not recommend using the type 170 to 170 because it does not have good strength. We do not recommend using the type 400 to 400 because it is too strong and may cause stems and heads to rip out when prying apart--rendering the fastener no longer reclosable.


There are a variety of pressure sensitive adhesives available with Dual Lock reclosable fasteners to cover most application needs. Gleicher Manufacturing Corporation will tailor these fasteners to the exact size and shape needed for your task. The pressure sensitive adhesive makes the Dual Lock reclosable fasteners easy to use. Simply remove the liner, place the Dual Lock reclosable fasteners, and apply firm, consistent pressure to assure good contact with the substrate you are adhering.