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Custom Viscoelastic Damping Materials

Posted on Tue, Nov 29, 2011

Viscoelastic Damping | Gleicher

Viscoelastic Damping Materials are highly energy dissipative polymers used to effectively control resonance induced vibrations in vibrating structures or devices.

With both viscous and elastic characteristics, Viscoelastic Damping Polymers damp vibrational energy by converting it to negligible heat and allow it to recover after each vibration cycle repetitively.  Vibrational amplitudes and structure-bourne noise can be reduced.

Damping design formats from Gleicher Manufacturing are available in free-layer dampers, part of a constrained layer damping design and part of a laminate construction. 

Gleicher engineers have pioneered and developed the manufacturing technology to necessarily produce materials from 0.010” to 0.500” thick and thicker, giving the design flexibility needed for most applications.

Viscoelastic damping materials from 3M are popular applications in a number of markets, including: computer, automotive, aerospace, electrical/mechanical, devices, consumer appliances, medical electronics and general industrial products. 

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