Bumpons Protectives Use New Technology for More Efficient Product

Posted on Wed, Mar 21, 2012

Gleicher Manufacturing uses high-tack pressure sensitive adhesives to create more efficient Bumpon Protective Products.

Bumpons - GleicherGleicher continues to refine and engineer new and cost-effective methods of converting bumpon protective products to meet the high demands of customer requirements. Working with high-tack pressure sensitive adhesives ensures Bumpon Protective Products will effectively cushion and protect devices against dings, scratches, and dampening noise. Now, these pressure sensitive resilient elastomeric materials have a high coefficient of friction.

Gleicher has been converting and die-cutting polyurethane bumper materials for over 60 years. As experts in the field, Gleicher can guide you through product design, material selection and production methods and provide you with precisely what you need for your product application. To learn more about new developments in Bumpon Protective Products visit the homepage

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