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Viscoelastic Damping Material Now in Thicker Material

Posted on Mon, May 07, 2012

Although 1 to 5 mil viscoelastic will suffice in some applications, many applications require thicker materials, some .500' thick and thicker. Luckily, Gleicher has pioneered and developed the manufacturing technology necessary to effectively produce materials from 0.010' to 0.500' thick and thicker, giving engineers the design flexibility they need for most applications.

Dampening materials help convert vibrational energy into negligible heat making it easier for vibrational structures to recover faster after each vibration cycle. These materials effectively reduce noise, product fatigue and enhance performance.

Gleicher's fabrication capabilties include:Visceolastic Damping Gleicher

  • Multi-Layer Laminations
  • Constraining Layer Lamination
  • Precision Die Cutting including Thick Materials
  • Island Placement of Visco Under Constraining Layers
  • Precision Slitting/Scoring
  • Introduction of Non-Silicon Liners
  • Clean Room Packaging
  • Outgas Reducing Post Bake HEPA Filter Ovens
  • CAD Design & Engineering

Your Parts or materials will arrive production ready in the format best suited to your manufacturing requirements. So call, fax, or e-mail our design experts at Gleicher Manufacturing with your applications requirements. Learn more about viscoelastic dampening materials on the home page.