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Gleicher Die-Cutting Adds a "Wow" Factor to Design

Posted on Thu, Sep 13, 2012

Laser processing systems are used to cut, score, etch, kiss-cut, and perforate materials with precision, flexibility, and speed. This process is an alternative to traditional die cutting and is especially ideal for applications that would be difficult or cost prohibitive to process using a metal die. Laser Cutting Gleicher

Laser die cutting adds an innovative element that cannot be obtained using traditional metal tooling. This finishing method accentuates design features while adding eye-catching details and functional elements.

Converting process offers the versatility of unlimited cutting paths without the shape restrictions. Additionally, multiple processes (scoring, perforating, etching, and kiss-cutting) eliminating the need for alignment during progressive die cuts and the downtime of machine setup encountered during pattern changeovers.

Learn more about Gleicher's customizable capabilties and die-cutting processes to get that "wow" factor in your design.