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VELCRO® Brand Applications Help Simplify Assembly in Automotive Applications

Posted on Wed, Dec 12, 2012

Gleicher Manufacturing’s converting expertise, combined with industry leading technologies from Velcro Industries, provides customers with more solutions to help improve product performance and reliability.

Gleicher Manufacturing offers the complete range of fastening and attaching products from VELCRO® Brand to meet the challenging safety and design requirements of automotive and aerospace assembly applications. Specific areas of improvement:

SIMPLIFIED ASSEMBLY - Hook and Loop fasteners are easy to assemble and adjust without damage to components. These products also tighten with vibration and time eliminating squeaks and rattling noise. Gleicher Automotive Velcro Applications

DESIGN FLEXIBILITY - Thin closures can be surface bonded to provide design flexibility for both interior and exterior applications. Die-cut pieces and malleable materials are also available 

COST EFFECTIVE - VELCRO® Brand touch fasteners and foam laminates cut assembly time, fill the space between headliner and roof, and help muffle noise from squeaks, rattles and vibration.

PROTECTION AND HANDLING -Permanent and removable wraps are available to protect cable and wires during automotive installations. Carpet and seat fixation help maintain a clean interior look.

From interior parts to protection and handling, manufacturing experts at Gleicher assist in picking out the correct materials needed for its customers specific manufacturing needs. With advanced converting services, Gleicher creates specifically tailored solutions for today’s demanding applications.
Gleicher Manufacturing converting services are able to customize a wide variety of VELCRO® Brand products to create applications that are safe and durable. VELCRO® Brand applications are available as individual components, semi-finished or finished goods.