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The Right Adhesive is More Than Just Glue in Electronic Devices

Posted on Tue, Aug 19, 2014

You probably don’t give much thought to adhesive when designing an electronic device, aside from how well it will stick. But the truth is today’s adhesives are far more than just a simple bonding agent.

Adhesives are powerful multi-taskers that can play an important functional role in your device.

3M adhesives use powerful embedded technology that can make your product more flexible, functional, light-weight and durable. Choosing the right product can even drive your costs down.

When it comes to adhesive, 3M knows that first and foremost it does need to stick. This means choosing a product that will maintain its hold even when faced with treacherous environmental conditions, such as high heat.

3M Adhesive Applicators

3M engineers take adhesives even further, adding embedded technology to help these innovative-adhesives disperse heat, keeping your device cooler, which is critical for today’s smaller, more compact devices.

And it’s not just about heat, the right adhesive can also reduce drop stress and absorb vibration.


How do you know what to choose with so many new options on the market?

Gleicher Manufacturing Corp. can help you understand the range of options available, including new products with new capabilities, such as ultra-thin adhesives. Start a conversation with Gleicher during R&D so their experts can understand your device needs, from geometry to environmental conditions and bonding needs.

Considerations for Designing a Bonding Solution:

Gleicher offers a free guide to help you ask the right questions when working with your converter. Many aspects of the project are covered so you will get the product you need to meet your device specifications.

Choosing the right adhesive is just one aspect of that process. Rely on Gleicher to get you the functional adhesive that will work best in your application. After all, the right adhesive is far more than just glue and Gleicher is more than a converter—we’re your partner in innovation. 


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