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3M Products and Solutions to handle Thermal Expansion in Electronics

Posted on Tue, Aug 19, 2014

Thermal expansion can wreak havoc on an electronic device. Is your attachment solution up to the challenge? 3M offers a number of electronics assembly solutions designed specifically to withstand high-heat exposure, so the integrity of your device won’t be compromised as the mercury rises.

Thermal GreaseExpansion and contraction can stress old-fashioned bonding methods, such as nuts and bolts. 

3M products are designed to adhere to different substrates, and maintain an iron-clad grip even as the surfaces expand and contract with temperature fluctuations.

Many of 3M’s modern, high-tech adhesives, however, are made to withstand this environmental stressor while providing you with added design flexibility.

Not sure which 3M product is best for your application?

Starting a conversation with your converter during R&D has numerous advantages. Not only does it ensure that you’ll get the right product, but it will also help you reduce waste and ensure that the production process is smooth and seamless. In order to get the best possible finished product, it is critical to give the converter the most detailed information possible so they can tailor the product to your precise needs.

Contact Gleicher Manufacturing Corp. Our experts have decades of experience in electronics. They can help you sort through the flood of new products coming on the market each year to help you find the optimal match for your application.

Considerations when Designing for Electronic Device Assembly:

With your electronic device design process in mind, Gleicher’s experts created a new guide that walks you through the process, outlining the questions you should ask, and the information you should provide to the converter to ensure that you get production-ready samples for protoype testing.

The right conversation can help you find the assembly solution you need. Call Gleicher today to start the discussion. 


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