Thin Is In When It Comes to Adhesive Tapes for Electronics Assembly

Posted on Tue, Aug 26, 2014

Thin is in these days, particularly when it comes to adhesives. 3M scientists recently rolled out a new line of ultra-thin adhesives that measure a mere .005 mm. 

That’s the kind of thin tape that makes paper-thin seem downright portly!

These uber skinny tapes are constructed using a high-tack standard acrylic spread over a thin polyester film. This makes the tape dimensionally stable and easy to die cut, laminate or slit it for your application. 

While this tape may be built like a lightweight, it still has relatively high initial adhesion on many types of surfaces. It’s also no slacker when it comes to shear holding power.

This tape is ideal for:

  • attaching or laminating foam
  • attaching smart foam or tablet lenses
  • attaching or laminating graphite
  • bonding an antenna

These thin adhesive tapes can withstand humid conditions, sun, immersion in water, extreme temperature shifts and exposure to chemicals including oils and mild acids and alkalis.

Think an ultra-thin adhesive tape might be a good option for your electronic device?

Connect with Gleicher Engineering Services to speak with one of our experts about the product. Gleicher experts have decades of experience working on electronics devices. They can help you find the ideal product to meet your device needs, and help you stay abreast of the multitude of new technologies and options coming on the market each year. 

You’ve got to ask the right questions to get the right solution for your device. With this in mind Gleicher recently created a free guide that outlines the items you should focus on when working with a converter.

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TIP: Start talking to a Converter during the R&D process.  

Starting a relationship with the converter early in the process can not only ensure that you get the right product to withstand environmental conditions such as heat or drop stress, but also that you lay the groundwork for a smooth production process, one that is efficient and minimizes waste.

Contact Gleicher today to find out if the ultra-thin tapes can benefit your design so you can get production ready samples in hand for laboratory testing. 

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