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6 Reasons to use Lightweight 3M Adhesive Fasteners to assemble Electronics

Posted on Tue, Aug 26, 2014

Making an electronic device more lightweight not only makes it more portable and user-friendly—it's also a more Earth-friendly option.

Lighten up your design by swapping out traditional assembly methods using nuts and bolts for modern 3M fasteners. This will help you create a more energy-efficient product and reduce waste. Saving energy and making a lighter product can also mean a more robust bottom line. 

Here are six reasons ways that lightweight 3M assembly solutions can benefit your design as a cost-saving, earth-friendly option.


  1. Environmentally-conscious products. 3M3M Green Fasteners designs a number of products with the environment in mind, such as those made using a solvent-free adhesive coating process, water-based adhesives and products with Indoor Air Quality Certifications.
  2. Reducing dead weight. Streamline your design by swapping out nuts and bolts that put a drag on energy efficiency and your budget, for adhesive attachment solutions: a more modern option.
  3. Spare the landfills. When you assemble a product using rivets and welds there’s waste to contend with. When the product inevitably reaches the end of its lifespan, a larger product takes up more space in the landfill. Instead, use a lightweight fastener to reduce waste: saving you money and taking less of a toll on the earth.
  4. Get more staying power. When you breach the integrity of a product by drilling it to create a hole, you hasten the deterioration process. Holes allow for corrosion. They also require added expenditures to seal and protect them. If you opt instead for a no-drill assembly solution you can protect your product and extend its lifespan.
  5. Keep money in your wallet. Lightweight fasteners help keep money in your pocket—think energy efficiency, reduced labor and assembly costs, and lower waste-disposal fees.
  6. Better final products. Moving to a more modern assembly solution lets you create new innovative designs that might not have been possible using older attachment methods. Whether you need an attachment solution that’s ultra-thin, lightweight yet sturdy or one that can be cut into a specific shape, adhesive fasteners give you more design options.

Choosing an attachment solution

Gleicher Manufacturing Corp. can help you find the right, environmentally friendly option for your electronic device. Let us help you choose the right product to meet your design challenges, such as heat tolerance or dispersion, or are designed to reduce drop stress. 

3M is coming out with new products all the time. Gleicher’s experts help you stay on top of all the new innovations.

Using a lighter-weight fastener brings many advantages, but it may also require some design adjustments. Start the conversation with the converter early can help you anticipate any modifications you’ll need to make. It can also help you plan for a seamless production process.

To help you start this conversation, Gleicher Manufacturing offers a free guide, which outlines what questions you should ask in order to get the best attachment solution for your device. Download the free guide and let Gleicher be your partner in innovation.



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