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Gleicher Converts a Wide Array of VELCRO® Brand Applications

Posted on Mon, Aug 08, 2011

As Velcro USA Inc. expands its range of applications for its growing list of hook and loop products, Gleicher has been growing right along with VELCRO® Brand, expanding its services and converting a wider range of VELCRO® Brand products than ever before.

Gleicher works closely with a wide range of VELCRO® Brand products including:

• Adhesives – Gleicher is a leader in customizing VELCRO® Brand hook and loop fasteners for most any end use. New VELCRO® Brand adhesives make the ssembly process easier with factory pre-coated adhesives on the back side that replace the problematic adhesives of the past – no more messy liquid adhesives and dangerous hot melt adhesives that cause burns and damage delicate materials.

• Double Faced Loops – Gleicher works with VELCRO® Brand Double-Faced Loops - back-to-back loop products that are ideal for strapping applications in orthopedics, sport bracing, positioning straps in surgical environments and other applications where a strong and comfortable strap is required.

• Electrical Systems  - Gleicher is a leader working with VELCRO® Brand producVelcro Automotivets to help protect automotive electrical wiring. Automotive engineers estimate that some 60 percent of all warranty returns involve electrical system problems. With electrical/electronic distribution systems (EEDS) handling more vehicle functions (and more complex functions) all the time, they need more protection than ever.

• Fire-Retardant Hook and Loop – Gleicher can customize a large variety of quality hook and loop fasteners to satisfy a wide range of fire-retardant application needs.  Gleicher has had a lot of success converting VELCRO® Brand Velcro Fire Retardantfasteners into a wide range of applications, including seating, insulation blankets, carpeting and wire management.

 Military Hook and Loop -  As Velcro USA Inc. has expanded its business with the US military over the past three decades, Gleicher is proud of its association with the military and is honored to help the military convert VELCRO® Brand products into a wide range of uses for the US millatary.

• Self Gripping Fastners – There are thousands and thousands of uses for VELCRO® Brand'sself gripping fastners and Gleicher is able to create custom fastners for most any application. VELCRO® Brand's family of self-gripping fasteners offer a neat and secure fastening systems that are adjustable and reusable for a variety wide range of applications ranging from plant ties to cord and cable controls.