1001 Uses for 3M Dual Lock

Posted on Thu, Aug 11, 2011

We enjoyed the recent update from 3M on its Dual Lock Reclosable Fastners. From General Industrial to Electronics to Furniture, we’re seeing more and more customized applications for Dual Lock as 3M continues to improve the product giving it more relevance in more markets.

At Gleicher, we work hand in hand with our customers to customi3m dual lockze 3M Dual Lock for a wide array of individual needs. As popular as Dual Lock has become, we often get questions about Dual Lock by some who are looking for a product like Dual Lock - but may not be familiar with it. This is some great information that we received from 3M about Dual Lock.  

So, What is it?

3M fasteners are a strong—yet easily removable—fastening solution that can replace screws, bolts and rivets in your designs. The fasteners have hundreds of interlocking mushroom-shaped stems that audibly “snap” together to form a secure attachment and an adhesive backing that adheres to your substrate.

Why Should I Use it

3M fasteners give you more flexibility in your designs than ever before. They are quickly and easily adjusted, realigned or reattached. The fasteners leave your product with clean, smooth lines—free of interruptions or holes.

How Can it Be Used

Versatile and flexible, 3M fasteners provide endless application possibilities. Use them for everything from securing a toll transponder to fastening access panels to assembling POP displays. The fasteners are available in three stem densities to provide varying fastening strengths for your applications. To learn more about ow Gleicher can help convert Dual Lock and other 3m or VELCRO® Brand products for your specific needs please visit


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