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Gleicher Growing in Markets Seeking Custom-Cut VELCRO® Brand Products

Posted on Wed, Aug 24, 2011

VelcroGleicher Manufacturing has seen more industries looking for custom cut VELCRO® Brandproducts. Industries ranging from Medical, Electronics, Sports and Military have increased their demand for VELCRO® Brand Adhesive products.

VELCRO® Brand offers an extensive product line that includes traditional hook and loop fasteners in addition to woven, knit, and molded products suited for a wide range of applications. VELCRO® Brand Adhesive hook and loop fasteners can make the assembly process easier, with factory pre-coated adhesives on the back side they can be used to replace the problematic adhesives that are currently used in many factories.

This means no more messy liquid adhesives, and dangerous hot melt adhesives that cause burns and damage delicate materials – but – overall performance is not affected because of the pre-coated adhesive provided by VELCRO® Brand.

Gleicher has experience customizing these pre-coated adhesives to make the overall manufacturing process easier and more efficient.