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Gleicher Customizes Polyurethane Bumper Materials

Posted on Mon, Nov 07, 2011

Gleicher Manufacturing has been converting and die-cutting polyurethane bumper materials since their inception - and the company continues to use its experience to improve on the converting process.


As experts in the field, Gleicher has found a unique niche of being able to get involved early in the process and help its customers through the entire design and converting process.

Bumper products are pressure sensitive adhesive-backed, polyurethane shapes made from a durable, polyurethane polymer that is non-plasticized and will not stain or mar finishes. With a unique high coefficient of friction, they are highly slip resistant 

Bumper products can be used anywhere that it may be necessary to eliminate sliding, slipping, scratching, nicking, noise, slamming or vibration. This may include use on the base of electronic devices to desktop accessories to speakers, keyboards, computers as well as small appliances and displays.

Gleicher Manufacturing is a premier vendor for 3M and can work with any 3M molded Bumpons creating custom shapes. Bumpons can also be made from resilient rollstock, which allows companies to maximize their design flexibility. Bumpon Resilient Rollstock is available in three durometers, in black, brown or clear, with acrylic or rubber adhesive systems. Standard thicknesses range from 1/32 to 1/4.

Bumper products can also be fabricated into non slip circles, squares as well as custom shapes. They can be put into anti-sliprolls, multi-piece pads or individual pieces; and precision slit/scored configurations that are assembly ready for a wide range of applications.