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3M and Gleicher Help Assemble a More Competitive Medical Device

Posted on Wed, Apr 04, 2012

Utilizing 3M technology Gleicher Manufacturing is able to provide customers with innovative and quality products matched to the job. 3M solutions for assembling medial device materials range from metal and rubber to glass and low surface energy plastics.

Gleicher's ability to convert materials helps you adapt many 3M products to meet special requirements for shape, size, and production. A wide variety of 3M products provide you a variety of options and holding strength matched to the job. 3M Gleicher

These unique abilities to customize your device not only creates a more attractive design, but a also creates a more efficient device.  With the help of Gleicher's advanced rapid prototyping technology and 3D laser cutting, manufacturers benefited from more precise cutting and reduced warping.

3M Assembly Solutions provided by Gleicher Manufacturing help reduce cost by limiting material and weight requirements. In addition, 3M versitle and comprehensive product line reduce cost by eliminates the need for drilling, screwing, etc.

3M innovation represents more than 50 years of helping companies worldwide improve products performance and appearance. Gleicher Manufacturing compliments 3M's ability to assemble a more competitive device by providing engineers a wide variety of services and products in one facility.