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When to Use 3M Adhesive Tapes

Posted on Fri, Feb 24, 2012

3M provides the most versatile and comprehensive line of adhesive, bonding tapes, reclosable fasteners, and label materials available.  3M products are designed to act as replacements for mechanical fastening and can help you meet special requirements for shape size and production.

When evaluating which technology, services and products can help you speed your way to market with a more competitive device consider these things:

• 3M adhesive tape technology can bond together materials with strength greater than the materials bonded.
• Adhesives distribute stress evenly over the entire bonded area making it easier to use lighter, thinner materials.
• Adhesive tapes are generally hidden between bonded substrates, which allows for a more attractive appearance.
• The flexibility of 3M adhesive tapes helps prevent bimetallic corrosion
• Adhesive tapes provide a viscoelastic response that prevents resonant vibrations and resist fatigue
• By using adhesive tapes you eliminate the need for equipment and reduce material requirements which results in cost reduction.

3M technology provides you with unlimited solutions to help improve product and design. Determine whether these products are a match for you by exploring the 3M Product Page

3M Adhesive Tapes