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How to Decide Which Type of 3M Product to Use

Posted on Mon, Feb 27, 2012

With the most versatile and comprehensive line of adhesives, bonding tapes, reclosable fasteners, and label material available, deciding which 3M product fits your manufacturing needs is not easy. When determining which 3M product best suites your design objectives consider a number of things.
3M - Gleicher
• Does your device need to be disassembled for maintenance?
• If your device needs permanent assembly do you need structural or non-structural strength?

These details can be crucial for many reasons

• Most 3M adhesives are difficult, borderline impossible to remove without damaging the part. 3M Reclosable Fasteners offer the ability for you to attach, unattached, reposition, etc. many times without the threat of damage.
• 3M structural strength adhesives permanently bond products through a chemical reaction, while 3M non-structural adhesives permanently bond products by physical change. The difference between the two is non-structural adhesives deal with load-bearing materials under 1,000 psi in overlap sheer while structural strength adhesives work best with materials over 1,000 psi.

With endless options, deciding which 3M tools will benefit your product can be a sticky situation. Once you've considered the information above, we hope you will gain a better insight to which product matches your design needs. Whether you have a clear understanding of what products will best suite you, or need some extra advice manufacturing experts help assist you through the entire process, giving you key insight on how to produce the most functional and visually attractive version of your device. View the entire line of 3M products on the 3M Home Page