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3M Novec Aerosol Cleaners Contain More Active Solvents

Posted on Tue, Feb 28, 2012

Based on high performance proprietary 3M formulations, Novec Aerosol Cleaners contain more active solvents, which allows for more cleaning per ounce. By combining fast, effective cleaning performance with a wide margin of safety 3M Novec Aerosol Cleaners provides you with a better way to take on the cleaning challenges of electronics.

3M Novec Aerosol Cleaners

• 3M Novec Contact Cleaner: excellent for cleaning fiber optic connectors. Removes oils, light grease, silicones, dust and particulates from sensitive electronic and electrical equipment.
• 3M Novec Electronic Degreaser: industrial strength cleaner that effectively removes oils, greases and handling soils from electric motors,  precision devices and other electro-mechanical devices.
• 3M Novec Flux Remover: effective in removing hydrocarbon, silicone, fluorochemical oils, and greases encountered in the maintenance of electronic devices

3M Novec Aerosol Cleaners also provide a safe environment for workers because they are: 3M Novec Aerosol Cleaners - Gleicher

• Non-flammable
• Contain low toxicity
• Fast drying
• Contain no HCFCs, HFCs, nPB or HAPS
• Non-ozone depleting
• Non-corrosive

With Novec Aersol Cleaners spring cleaning has never been so precise. Learn more about 3M products on the 3M Home Page