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Is the Design of Your Part Right for 3M Adhesive Bonding?

Posted on Wed, Mar 07, 2012

Adhesives perform better with some part configurations than with others. With the variety of 3M adhesive forms such as pastes, aerosol sprays, and tapes, you should be able to find an adhesive to meet the requirements of most parts.

A spray adhesive would be effective, for example to cover foam cushioning, but would not be a consideration for a part with a narrow bonding area. For cleaner, more efficient application, die-cut pressure sensitive adhesive foam tape can be precisely placed on smaller, irregularly-shaped bonding surfaces.

Adhesive paste, flows readily into a rough surface for improved effective adhesion. Flexible materials such as paper or thin gauge metal can be bonded with a thin adhesive transfer tape. Large rigid parts with smooth clean surfaces can be bonded with a variety of 3M products ranging from double coated foam tapes to two-part structural adhesives.

The list of potential substrates that can be bonded by adhesives range from glass, wood, cardboard, and rubber to steal, concrete, foam polycarbonate, and just about any other material you can name. To learn more apart adhesive bonding explore the 3M adhesives and sealant products


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