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3M Industrial Hook & Loop Fasteners offer Greater Holding Power

Posted on Fri, Mar 16, 2012

3M Industrial hook & loop reclosable fasteners offer smooth surfaces for your design with closure strength and opening ease matched to the job. Reclosable Fasteners offer clean lines, smooth sleek surfaces, easy assembly, and expanded design options.

3M Reclosable Fasteners hide beneath the surface providing a smooth sleek look. With adhesive-backed fasteners there are no sufaces holes or protrusions. Gleicher also offers the option of customized die-cut to fit the exact color and shape of your design.

Reclosable fasteners apply as quickly and easily as tape because they are backed by 3M adhesive technology. Industrial hook & loop fasteners supported by adhesives creates limitless 3M technology. Reclosable Hook & Loop Fasteners have been use in the areas of aerospace, automotive interiors, commercial vehicles, home and office, electronics and electrical, marine, displays, and more.

Applying 3M adhesive technology also helps provide expanded design options. Select closure strengths, shapes, thicknesses, opaque, or transparent and plain or pressure sensitive adhesives are available. You may also choose from a wide variety of adhesive characteristics to enhance holding power such as, flame resistant, temperature resistance, bonding to low surface energy plastics, plasticizer resistance and more.

With 3M Hook & Loop Reclosable Fasteners your design abilities are endless. Learn more about 3M Industrial Hook & Loop Products.

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