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3M VHB Structural Glazing Tapes for Increased Productivity

Posted on Mon, Mar 19, 2012

3M VHB Tapes have been proven in thousands of buildings worldwide since 1990. As an alternative to structural silicone and spacer tapes/gaskets VBH tapes immediately handle strength results faster.

3M VHB Tapes provide an ideal combinations of performance durability and application ease. Their ability to bond to a wide range of architectural panels creates design flexibility and offers visibly stunning facades. Avoid the mess, and unattractive appeal of screw and bolt holes, 3M VHB tapes help maintain a clean smooth appearance without altering surface appeal.

These high strength tapes also conform to glass and are resistant to UV light, thermal expansion, solvents and cleaners. For over 20 years VHB Tapes have been used in the construction of buildings, and aid in increasing structural performance and maintaining an attractive and inviting appeal.

3M VHB Tapes have been used for high holding power not just in architectural and construction, but multiple industries world wide. Explore the different options 3M VHB Tapes provide by visiting the VHB webpage.