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3M PSA Tapes for Electronic Displays

Posted on Fri, Mar 23, 2012

3M Optically Clear Adhesives are formulated specifically for electronic displays. These transparent, film free iotropic adhesives allow accurate color and full display brightness, while providing a long-lasting, high strength bond.

3M Optically Clear Adhesive - GleicherThe PSA Tapes are based on the latest in a series of developments for specific adhesive applications. Building on 3M adhesive technology the industry standard for graphic attachment and membrane switch assembly, Optically Clear Adhesives are formulated with the following performance characteristics:

  • High cohesive and peel strengths for reliably bonding most transparent film substrates to glass
  • Controlled caliper providing uniform spacing
  • High tempurature, humidity and UV light resistance
  • Long term durability without yellowing delaminating or degrading

3M Optically Clear Adhesive Tapes are specifically designed and manufactured to eliminate common adhesive visual defects such as bubbles, dirt, and gels. These adhesives are free of birefringence and are designed for light transmission greater than 99% when corrected for reflection losses.

For more information on 3M PSA Tapes and Optically Clear Adhesives for electronic displays visit the 3M products page.