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Viscoelastic Damping Material for Resonance Induced Vibration Control

Posted on Tue, Apr 17, 2012

Viscoelastic Damping Polymers are designed to have both "Viscous" and "Elastic characteristics. The combinatinos of both characterisistics allows Gleicher to help effectively control resonance induced vibrations in vibrating structures or devices.

"Viscous" controls vibrational energy by dampening it and converting it into negligible heat. "Elastic" allows the vibrational energy to recover after each vibrations cycle repetitively. These characteristics work together to bring you a Viscoelastic Damping Material that reduces structure-borne noise and enhances performance.

Viscoelastic Material has aided in eliminating vibration in the computer, automotive, aerospace, electrical/mechanical devices, consumer appliances, medical electronic and other general industrial products.

Gleicher allows you to choose from a wide variety of materials. With priority shipping Gleicher is able to provide their customers with materials in a production ready state as soon as 24 hours after the request. Gleicher Fabrications Capabilities include:

  • Multi-Layer LaminationsGleicher Viscoelastic Dampening
  • Constraining Layer Lamination
  • Precision Die Cutting including Thick Materials
  • Island Placement of Visco Under Constraining Layer
  • Precision Slitting/Scoring
  • Introduction of Non-Silicon Liners
  • Clean Room Packaging
  • Outgas Reducing Post Bake Hepa Filter Ovens
  • CAD Designs & Engineering

Read more about how Viscoelastic Damping Material can reduce vibration in your product/device and explore Gleicher's ulimited convertering options.