3M Ultra Clean, Very Low Outgassing Tapes

Posted on Thu, May 31, 2012

Since 1914, 3M has pioneered the development of silicone-free, low outgassing and low

iconics pressure sensitive adhesive products and continues to pave the way in today's constantly evolving market. Thanks to the concerns and demands of our customers, 3M continues to update and add to its product family of single-sided, double-sided and free-standing adhesive transfer tapes, labels, and damping polymers. These new additions offer multiple choices of silicone-free liners and build on our already-established market leading outgassing performance by enhancing specific chemical attributes.

So what exactly makes our new products "ultra clean?"

  • Silicone free adhesives and liner combinations - low outgassing and low potential for corrosion, odor, and fogging
  • Wide variety of adhesive choices: temporary, permanent (but still removable), and permanent3M Ultra Low Outgassing PSA
  • Various release levels of silicone-free liners
  • Ultra-pure damping polymers available in die cut shapes


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