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3M & VELCRO® Brand Help Provide Customized Solutions for U.S. Military

Posted on Tue, Sep 18, 2012

Gleicher’s long-term and highly successful relationship with industry leaders, 3M And VELCRO® Brand ensures innovative solutions with the use of the highest quality materials available. As a reliable source for fastening solutions, Gleicher supplies a range of custom VELCRO® Brand and 3M products which tackle critical performance requirements for the U.S. Military.Military Solutions Gleicher

With advanced converting services, Gleicher is able to create precisely tailored solutions for the U.S. Military including VELCRO® Brand products specific design to meet height and weight requirements.

3M and VELCRO® Brand materials are available as individual components, semi-finished or finished goods. Manufacturing experts at Gleicher assist in picking out the correct materials needed for its customers specific manufacturing needs. Such products include:

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