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One-Wrap VELCRO® Brand Products Provide Durable Solutions

Posted on Thu, Sep 20, 2012

As a leading provider of converted pressure sensitive materials, we provide creative solutions for top names in electronics to improve manufacturing and end use performance using innovative products from VELCRO® Brand.

VELCRO® Brand products enable Gleicher to solve space and durability issues creating effective ways to control and organize electrical cords, while simutaniously eliminating the need for screws and bolt fasteners.

Velcro Applications by Gleicher

ONE-WRAP® products from VELCRO® Brand are reusable back-to-back strapping systems used to solve cord control issues. Made from polyethylene hooks laminated to nylon loops, computer systems and data centers are more accessible and organized with ONE-WRAP® products. ONE-WRAP® products from VELCRO® Brand are also available in flame retardant materials.

QWIK TIES® are self-gripping fasteners, available in a variety of colors and sizes that adjust to fit your needs. QWIK TIE® products from VELCRO® Brand are available from Gleicher Manufacturing as lineal tape or customized pre cut straps.

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