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Product Highlight: VELCRO® Brand High Technology Hooks with Ultra Mate

Posted on Fri, Sep 28, 2012

Hook and loop products from VELCRO® Brand have been adapted in a wide variety of industries to solve solutions in the areas of:

  • high pressureGleicher Velcro applications
  • temperature
  • weight
  • durability
  • moisture
  • space
  • longevity for repeated reclosure.

VELCRO® Brand High Technology Hooks (HTH) with Ultra Mate® adhesive backing, have been applied to Military equipment to address a range of concerns. VELCRO® Brand HTH molded hooks provide similar performance to woven hook and loop, while addressing the robust industrial concerns.

As a supplier of VELCRO® Brand products for over 40 years, Gleicher Manufacturing uses innovative solutions to create custom VELCRO® Brand applications with ordinary materials.