As a 3M Preferred Converter Gleicher Provides Value-Added Products

Posted on Tue, Nov 13, 2012

Gleicher Manufacturing’s commitment to producing quality products and services earned them the prestigious honor of being named a 3M Preferred Converter.

As a 3M Preferred Converter, Gleicher Manufacturing is able to provide value-added product and services that include, but are not limited to custom laminating and converting services.

Gleicher’s longstanding relationship with 3M, has helped them develop extensive application knowledge as well as a sophisticated inventory that can enable fast delivery on a wide range of raw materials. Benefits of being a 3M Preferred Converter give Gleicher the opportunity to provide exclusive services including:

Same day shipments
Punched and unpunched materials 3M Preferred Converter Gleicher
Slitting – any dimension
Custom striping

Gleicher Manufacturing specializes in the conversion of pressure-sensitive adhesive coated materials for both unique and standard industry applications across a wide variety of markets including the automotive, medical and electronics industries.

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