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Designing tactical apparel using VELCRO® Brand Military Hook and Loop Fasteners

Posted on Thu, Dec 10, 2015

Fire fighters, police, military and others use particular types, classes, colors and widths of hook and loop fasteners that meet industry standards.

This article will focus on military apparel. Military hook and loop fasteners meet the Commercial specification AA55126B and military requirements. For more than 30 years, the military has used hook and loop VELCRO fasteners in their tactical apparel.

Military Hook and Loop Fastener primer

Hooks are woven or molded. Woven and extruded hooks and loops are made with 100% nylon or 75% aramid/25% nylon, 100% aramid or 100% polyester. Some are fire retardant. Backings are pressure sensitive adhesive or heat sealable/RF weldable coating or sewn on. Shear ratings are 5.0 PSI to 10.0 PSI for hooks and 8.0 to 10.0 PSI for loops. Strong and durable.

Hook and loop designs are tested for shear, peel, break-strength, dimensional stability, color fastness, fray, splice break and stitch tear. This knowledge is invaluable for tactical apparel design changes.

Gleicher will provide expert guidance from start to finish

Gleicher uses a proprietary decision support questionnaire to define the project needs and solutions. They provide technical support for each project and they understand the rigorous demands of today’s military personnel.

There are four Types and five Classes that are used as guidelines for hooks and fasteners. You may have a Type II/Class 1 Hook with a Type II/Class 4 Fastener. Our Gleicher experts know these and the AA55126B and military requirements. They will get your project moving quickly. Early involvement helps us review, adopt and test concepts to troubleshoot and improve a design during the initial stages.

Gleicher is a “Preferred Converter” Distributor of Velcro USA Inc and expertly cuts to size a wide variety of their materials.

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