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Posted on Thu, Aug 03, 2023


A Unique Solution From Gleicher Provides Secure Transport Protection for an Innovative Curved Glass Monitor Screen
Advancements in electronic technology take place on an almost daily basis, resulting in products that create amazing sights and sounds. To safely transport these products and the components that comprise them from one place to another requires packaging solutions that are equally as inventive.
One manufacturer of breakthrough monitor screen technology reached out to Gleicher with a request. They had been frustrated with previous attempts that offered ineffective protection for their novel curved glass screens and looked to our expertise and converting experience for the ultimate answer.

Safely shipping these curved glass screens from the original manufacturer to the company that would incorporate them into the assembly of the final device required a solution with specialized cushioning and vibration dampening to reliably avoid damage. In addition, the final protective solution had to be sufficiently affixed to the glass to prevent slippage but be easily removable to facilitate safe unpacking without marking or damaging the curved surface.

Arriving at an answer that would assure damage-free delivery of the monitor screens, Gleicher converted a unique hybrid solution that combined products from two valued partners: 3M and Rogers Corporation. The cushioning and vibration dampening of the delicate glass parts during shipping was achieved with Rogers’ PORON® Industrial Polyurethane. This material provides durable, dependable performance in a wide range of design requirements and industrial applications that also include gasket design, sealing, and impact protection.

The other half of the solution “equation” was provided by the 3M adhesive normally found on their slightly tacky, repositionable Post-it® Notes. Our converting solution applied “stripes” of the light-tack 3M adhesive to the PORON® material to provide the right amount of adhesion to prevent contact and breakage of the glass and still promote ease of removal of the cushioned parts without marking or leaving a residue on their surface.

The result: the extremely fragile curved screens were delivered safely and securely for the final assembly process. 

To the casual reader, this amount of effort may appear to be an unnecessarily complex converting solution for simply transporting parts from Point A to Point B. Gleicher, however, believes in doing whatever it takes to get the job done, no matter how easy or difficult the challenge and its requirements might be.

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