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FAQ: what materials are used for release liners?

Posted on Tue, Aug 28, 2018

Release liners are made of paper, poly-coated paper, polyester film and HDPE film substrates coated on one side to provide a non-stick surface. They are used in various applications in conjunction with other adhesive transfer tapes and converter solutions.

- SCK = Super Calendered Kraft paper, typically used for Labels in the USA
- Glassine = Is also a SCK paper but typically with a PVOH Polyvinyl alcohol top coat, typically used for Labels in Europe
- CCK = Clay Coated Kraft paper or also just called coated paper
- MFK = Machine Finished Kraft paper, which is the paper as it comes from a standard paper machine
- MG = Machine Glazed paper which is a paper which has been glazed e.g. on a yankee cylinder of a paper machine.

Plastic Film
- BO-PET = a PET film (biaxially oriented) is a very high temperature resistant and tough film liner.
- BOPP = a biaxially oriented PP film
- Other Polyolefins = typically made out of HDPE, LDPE, PP plastic resins
Plastic films in general are made by plastics extrusion process out of plastic resins and can be made out of one single type of plastic material, a blend of different plastic materials or a multilayered coextrusions. Providing them with unique and adjusted features for the application that they are targeted for.

Coating can be silicone or non-silicone materials.

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