From simple to complex, Gleicher specializes in custom shape adhesives.

Posted on Mon, Mar 06, 2023


Gleicher has had a long-standing reputation for providing 3M™VHB™ (very high bonding) solutions and converting materials that meet a wide variety of applications from the most basic to the very complex. But what you may not be aware of is how our expertise, experience, and capabilities also apply to converting custom shaping adhesive solutions. Here is an example that demonstrates the depth of our expertise, capabilities, and converting services for custom adhesive solutions.


A customer in the cosmetics industry contacted us with a rather complicated and involved request: the application of a brand-related medallion to a product package. The medallion itself had a unique shape with intricate geometry and was made of metal. The product package itself was made of glass. Another important consideration was the lifecycle of the product. It was estimated to be a year or more during which time it would undergo repeated handling, so a strong, durable bond was of prime importance.

Working closely with the designers and engineers to identify the proper choice of adhesive for bonding the two different substrates, a series of proof-of-concept samples were developed and sent for test applications to determine adhesive suitability. Once the process was successfully completed, 3M™ VHB™ high bond adhesive tape was specified.

The Gleicher team was grateful to play an essential role in bringing together the finished product, which meant effectively interacting with several global supply chain partners to make it happen. As it turns out, Gleicher was selected because we were the only converter that demonstrated the right level of 3M™ VHB™ product knowledge and proven converting expertise to meet the product’s distinct properties, in addition to its high aesthetic and consumer use standards.

The project proved to be so successful that the relationship is still going strong after two decades. Today, quantities of these annual custom adhesive orders reach well into the millions of units.

If your adhesive and converting needs call for a specific shape, from simple to complex, we welcome the opportunity to answer your questions and provide the ideal solution for your specific needs. You can reach a Gleicher adhesive solutions specialist at 908-233-2211 or email

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