When is VELCRO® Brand the answer to your fastening needs?

Posted on Tue, Jul 26, 2022

A quick answer might be: “It depends.”

But the far more accurate response to the “when” question is: “Whenever you need a flexible, reclosable hook and loop fastener.”

Then there’s the “where.” Business sectors like industrial, sports and recreation, medical, military and defense, packaging, personal care, and transportation are just a few of the “wheres.”

Now, the why. In a word, performance. VELCRO® Brand created the hook and loop fastener and their products deliver unsurpassed performance. These malleable, light-weight solutions can take product designs to the cutting edge without compromising bond strength. In addition, the latest adhesives feature engineered technology that stands up to a variety of environmental stresses, including moisture, vibration, and temperature variations.

VELCRO® Brand meets the Mil Spec requirements of all industries, including the exacting design and documentation standards of military, first responder, and law enforcement applications. These products can be converted for use on tactical apparel, and for accessories, footwear, belts, pouches, and as technical fasteners for uniforms and vests to assist in ballistic protection.

When sustainability and environmental concerns are a priority the new VELCRO® Brand ECO Product Line offers a line of products designed specifically for the footwear and apparel market. Constructed from up to 55% post-industrial waste, they provide the same performance and quality as standard fasteners while offering an alternative solution that is environmentally focused.

As you can see, the list has no end in sight. More importantly, the correct answer to your specific “when” is best arrived at with the guidance and expertise of an experienced converter like Gleicher. And the time to contact us is as early as possible in your design and engineering process.

With the “universe” of VELCRO® Brand fastening and adhesive options to choose from, there’s bound to be a solution for your “when.” It takes a knowledgeable partner with experience and a deep understanding of what to spec in from all the possibilities.

Our VELCRO® Brand product specialists have outstanding knowledge and expertise in solving design problems in about every situation and across all industries. By getting the Gleicher team involved right from the start we will help you anticipate challenges, troubleshoot problems, make your process more efficient, and reduce the time to get your product into use or on the market.

The time to start talking about your “when” is now. Contact us today and we’ll show you how.

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