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Designing Orthopedic devices with VELCRO® Brand Hook and Loop Fasteners

Posted on Mon, Dec 07, 2015

Noninvasive orthopedic devices have utilized VELCRO® Brand Hook and Loop straps and fasteners for decades. Providing the right fit, flexibility and material for fastening the devices is important. Gleicher’s experienced staff will walk you through the process of defining your exact needs.

Prosthetics and Robotic Exoskeletons
Endoskeleton limb prostheses and robotic exoskeleton prosthetics have evolved into full motion, microchipped devices that have never been seen before. Orthopedic and mechanical engineers are developing new devices so quickly, the materials that are needed to complete these designs are evolving just as quickly. Flexibility and strength of the fastening straps is key to the function of a good prosthetic.

Wheelchairs/Beach Wheelchairs/Standing Devices/Robotic Exoskeletons
Regardless of the full body assistive device being designed or customized, the correct weight, holding strength, materials and size are unique to each project and each device user. Straps and fasteners can be customized: cut, color, fastener type, strap model. Strap and fastener materials are based on sheer stress, weight, pounds of pressure (strength) and environmental conditions. Specialists and engineers at Gleicher work with orthopedic device manufacturers and individuals to design the right fasteners and straps.

Proper positioning and fit
Proper positioning and fit is critical when designing external orthopedic braces and supportive devices. Correct limb, torso and head positioning should prevent injury and allow for maximum mobility. Strap and fastener considerations are key.

  • Braces - strap materials that are washable, nonabrasive, lightweight and easy to remove. An infant requires a very different material and fastener than what is commonly used for an adult.
  • Wheelchairs – foot straps that keep feet in a flat positon without causing shearing and seat belts that are easily adjusted but will hold a large adult should a chair tip.
  • Standing/walking devices – hook and loop straps that can resist the physical force of movement and are the right weight and size for the user.
  • Artificial limb – fastening straps that are customized for the height, weight and mobility of the user.
  • Positioning rolls – strap and fastener materials that are soft and nonabrasive and are easy to adjust.

Patient Comfort
Provide clients with proper support for eating, driving, or propelling their wheelchair. Ensure comfort and maximize breathing, digestion and functional balance with proper chest and shoulder straps and fasteners. A chest harness and shoulder straps should be tailored so they are not too wide or heavy for a child or small adult. Infant braces and head gear should be lightweight, soft, washable and the straps should require minimal pressure to pull apart.

When customizing
Gleicher provides a proprietary questionnaire to walk developers through design and material needs. Straps can be custom designed with your selection of material type and color and in cut to order lengths and widths. Fasteners come in a variety of types and sizes dependent on the intended use.

You can work with one of our engineers to design what you need for your clients. From heavy duty applications for athletic devices to fine and lightweight applications for infants and young children, we can help you.

Gleicher is an elite VELCRO® 'Preferred Converter' Distributor that expertly cuts to size with lasers, rotary and die cutting presses a wide variety of materials.


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