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Product design flexibility - Today’s topic: VELCRO® Brand Straps

Posted on Tue, Dec 08, 2015

Gleicher can quickly and efficiently customize VELCRO® Brand straps to match your products. If you need a unique shape, color, adhesive or a hybrid technology, our design and engineering staff will work with you to produce the materials that meet your specifications.

Industry Examples
Gleicher’s military customers require customization with colors that meet signature management shade visibility guidelines.

Outdoor sports manufacturers depend on materials that are resistant to water and have defined PSI holding strength. Medical manufacturers request a wide variety of strap lengths, widths and materials with varying degrees of “softness”. Construction industries require fastening systems that meet LEED ratings and have low adhesive off-gassing.

Auto Manufacturers use VELCRO® Brand touch fasteners and foam laminates in various parts of an automobile to muffle noise and vibration.

VELCRO® Brand Products - customization examples


  • Slitting
  • Perforation
  • Die cutting
  • Scored cutting
  • Pre-cut lengths
  • Mated components
  • Custom straps
  • Product assembly


  • Pressure-sensitive adhesive
  • Heat- or solvent-activated adhesive
  • Sewing
  • RF Welding
  • Mechanical
  • Mold-in

B2B - How we work with you
Gleicher Engineers will project manage your fastening needs and can serve as a manufacturing partner for products that incorporate multiple VELCRO® Brand components.

We use a proprietary questionnaire to ask all the right questions at the start. Or we can work with your product design and manufacturing teams directly. Involving our experts in the R&D phases of your project is ideal.

Our engineers can also work directly with VELCRO® engineers for highly original designs.

Collaboration with customers is our source of inspiration and innovation.

Gleicher is an elite VELCRO® 'Preferred Converter' Distributor utilizing rotarys, lasers and die cutting to expertly cut to size a wide variety of materials.

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